These barro rojo side plates come from the town of San Marcos Tlapazola in Oaxaca’s Valles Centrales region. San Marcos is known for its distinctive form of burnished, fired red clay pottery. The work from the village remains largely unaltered by outside influences and retains rustic, traditional form.

These pieces were fired in an open fire, as is traditional, not in a kiln. They have surface irregularities, such as exposed sand granules, that are typical of the process and the type of clay used in San Marcos.

Each of the plates is about the same size and shape; there is some slight variation in dimension and form. They still do nest together nicely and could make a sharp set, or used individually. They are cute little pieces, perfect for a small desert or amuse-bouche.

It is easier to find comales in San Marcos than plates; comales are intended for cooking, not serving, and have un-burnished, unsealed bottom surface. These are true plates and are burnished on all sides. As such, they are far more pleasant to hold than comales and are also less apt to leave marks on tables.


  • Diameter: 18cm


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Side plate made from red clay in San Marcos Tlapazola, Oaxaca. Side plate made from red clay in San Marcos Tlapazola, Oaxaca.